Automation Funnels – A Lead Generating and Landing Machine!

Automation Funnels – A Lead Generating and Landing Machine!

You’ve worked countless hours to build up your brand and business’s visibility. You went through the grind and worked hard to build your audience to what it is now. You’ve finally got them where you want them, but now that they are here, how do you work with your audience to get the most out of them? You know that you can’t be chasing lead after lead as you are now – it’s just too time-consuming and you’ve got plenty to do as a business owner. If only there was some sort of automated experience that could help you do so…

Oh wait, there is! They are called automation funnels, and they are everything you want and need out of a lead funnel system for your business! These automations not only generate leads by grabbing the attention of potential customers but also nurture these leads and help you land them. The best ones do all the driving, and you can just sit back and enjoy the ride as clients begin to boost your business with purchases all thanks to the work through these automations.

These automated systems sound like a dream, but how do you get them in place to help be a part of your marketing plan’s routine? Where do you start and how do you set them in motion? Fear not, fellow business owner! We are here to help provide a map to success on how to build these automated funnels to lead your target audience to become loyal customers. By setting up systems that will not only help you gather leads, but also nurture them and finally land those leads, you will wonder why you didn’t get these automated funnels in place earlier!

To make your business’s automation funnel successful, you need to give it a solid foundation by setting up a great lead generation system. Investing in your lead generation is the most essential part of building up this lead scoring machine, and it often requires the most leg work. You need to rustle up enough interest in your product/business to make people want more and to drive them to subscribe to you. Creating an irresistible reason for them to give you their contact information is essential to this first step, as it's what will drive your automation funnel machine to success. There are quite a few ways to do this, lots of which are easily done online through social media. Building up your company’s social media profiles by showing off your business, your products, and the people and story behind your company is a great starting point for this. A significant number of consumers in today’s market make purchases based on their knowledge and personal relationship with a company. By showing off your business’s amazing story, products/services, and people, you can build that positive relationship with your potential consumers and make them invested in your company’s success. Create this drive for them to want to see what you’re up to or how your business is doing, and then pair it with a call to action for them to provide their contact information to allow you to reach them directly.

Another fantastic way to get in front of your audience is with advertisements, particularly the online type. Investing in digital ad campaigns is not only a great way to effectively boost your company’s visibility and reach your target audience, but it also drums up interest in who you are and what products/services you provide to those you serve. Depending on what you offer, digital ads are featured on sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, and more can be a huge advantage in getting in front of your future customers and capturing their contact information. Use these ads to give them an offer that will pique their interest enough to offer you their information so you can continue to put your business in front of them through email, text, and more. Build a deal that they will have to give you their information in order to get. Offer a free consultation that you can easily automate the setup of using website plug-ins like Calendly, or offer them a freebie that will be sent via email. In the end, just be sure to create a marketing system in which you prioritize automated information collection so that you can utilize it to drive your automated funnel.

Now that you’ve finally got your audience to look your way and give you their contact information, what can you do to hold their attention and eventually drive them to purchase your product or service? One route is simple and super achievable with all the amazing systems that have been created to help you do it, and that’s email marketing. Our last blog already previously discussed email marketing and how it’s a must in your business. In case you don’t want to break your train of thought by backtracking to our previous blog, here’s a quick snippet to give you the gist.


“Including email marketing and newsletters in your digital marketing is a fantastic way to start boosting your business by a variety of factors. Not only is it extremely cost-effective (more so than many would initially believe!), but it also gives you a chance to extend a friendly hand out to your customers on your terms. No having to worry about algorithm changes that suddenly drop your content integration or visibility, and no sudden changes in user policy or rules either! Whatever you say goes…quite literally straight to their inbox! Not to mention all the customizable experience it can provide your subscribers and the guaranteed connection it can help you build with them through automated hellos and thank you’s. When including email marketing as a piece of your overall business marketing strategy, you know you are in for a win.”

Now that you’re all caught up and ready for today’s episode, let’s dive into a topic that is in the same vein with a bit more automation to make things even smoother for your lead scoring plan. Since you already did all the leg work to gather the contact information of your potential customers, you can now create an automated email marketing funnel that you can input all those contacts into and sit back and watch sales come in. Depending on your business and the different customer interests you wish to serve, automated email marketing can make turning your list of leads into customers streamlined and easy. Instead of having to manually send a welcome email, product highlight, or coupon to specific contacts lists or individual contacts, build a system that you can automatically drop your new leads into. You can even create an email system that not only separates your leads based on interests or activity but will also automatically subscribe them to the correct email lists based on those defining factors. Program your automations to send emails based on certain dates, how long a contact has been a part of that list, their recent activity (or lack thereof), etc. It’s just a little automation magic to make this easy.

Worried about figuring out the programming side of email automation? Don’t sweat it, as there are TONS of programs and even website builders that have email automation as part of their offerings for you to easily create your email campaigns and then just let them ride. Site builders like Kajabi and Shopify already have email automation integrated into their building software, so you can immediately put email funnel lists together from the convince of your website dashboard. And for the website builders that don’t include email automation within the build, there are tons of fantastic software that you can integrate into or pair up with your website as Constant Contact, MailChimp, and more. There are even programs like Skipio that will easily allow you to set up text messages to reach your contacts anywhere their phone is (which let’s face it, is everywhere). With so many different software at your disposal to make the programming and list-building side of email/text marketing easy, all you have to do is come up with the content to drive your contacts to become customers.

Once you get these follow-up automation systems set up, the business magic happens and you’re able to turn those leads into consumers. You already know that they are interested in supporting your business, so just give them that extra leg up to finally deciding to go through with that purchase. Send them messages that remind them of all the great things you have to offer (like product highlights, abandoned cart notifications, etc.), tell them about the values your company has, or simply send a coupon to help them teeter to your side of that consumer fence they are on. The content that you choose to have automatically sent their way will be what seals the deal for them. As long as your content is engaging and provides your contacts enough reason to explore your business and products/services more, all you will have to do once you set up your automation funnel is sit back and watch the sales roll in.

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