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Digital advertising is like a virtual billboard that helps businesses show their products or messages to people online.

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Targeted reach: Digital ads allow you to pinpoint your target audience, ensuring your message reaches the right eyes and ears, maximizing ROI.
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Data-driven decisions: Leverage the power of analytics to optimize your ads, making data-informed adjustments that enhance performance and customer engagement.
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Cost-effective marketing: With scalable budget options, digital advertising provides a cost-effective solution to reach and convert potential customers effectively.
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Enhanced customer journey: Craft ads that not only attract but also seamlessly guide customers through a curated, engaging journey from awareness to conversion.
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Brand consistency: Ensure a unified, consistent brand message across all digital platforms, solidifying your brand identity and enhancing recall and recognition.
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"Manski Media listened carefully to unusual needs, helped us frame goals, then skillfully designed a campaign to fit us. We were new to social media advertising, and they met us where we were.".

Understanding digital ads in simple terms

Digital advertising is like a virtual billboard that helps businesses show their products or messages to people online. Let's talk about how we can understand if these online ads are doing well by looking at some simple key points:

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This is the number of times the ad was shown to people. More impressions mean more people have seen the ad.

Brand Strategy

Engagement is the amount of people that interacted with your digital content. This could be due to people clicking on an ad, liking a social post, sharing, or a number of other possible actions.

Cost per click (CPC)

This is how much the business pays each time someone clicks on the ad. Lower CPC is better because it means you are paying less for each visitor.

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Click-through rate (CTR)

It tells us how many people clicked on the ad after seeing it. A higher CTR means the ad is doing well because it's getting people to take action.

Conversion rate

This shows how many people did something valuable (like buying a product) after clicking on the ad. A high-quality ad gets more people to convert.

Return on ad spend (ROAS)

This tells us how much money the business made from the ad compared to how much they spent on the ad. If ROAS is high, the ad was a great investment.

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There are so many digital marketing platforms to choose from, with new ones popping up all the time. We stay up on all the platforms and trends so that we can advertise where your customers are.

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Research & planning

We take the time to learn about your company and industry so we can have a strong plan to start.


Implementation and testing

Our first batch of ads and content are intended to be a test to see what people respond to and how.


Monitor and optimize

We keep a close eye on results and continually make adjustments to get you the best results possible.


Scale and grow

Once your plan is delivering results, we can then scale your plan to continue growing with you.

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