Win with Email Marketing

Win with Email Marketing

Ahhhh…doesn’t the new year always leave you feeling so fresh and rejuvenated?

It really puts a special pep in your step and in your motivation to start anew with fresh goals or return to familiar ones that you needed just a little extra something to refocus on! This is obviously a great time to start making strides for the personal goals you’ve laid out, but it’s also prime time to begin dreaming up some new business goals and resolutions, as well! There is no better time than right here, right now to start focusing on what moves you could make to improve your business and up your sales in 2022!

With that in mind, let’s have a flash round of Jeopardy to focus and inspire our annual daydreaming here:

This item is a good tactic to incorporate into your overall marketing strategy that helps inform your customers, increase brand loyalty, and drive more traffic and sales to your business in an extremely efficient and cost-effective way…

The answer is simple: “What is Email Marketing?!”

Never thought of including this convenient and cost-effective item in your digital marketing plan? Well, it is the perfect time to start fresh! Once we dive into the benefits of it, you may find yourself wondering why you never considered it in years past.

Let’s start with the big-ticket item that we know got you here in the first place: ROAS (AKA Return On Ad Spend). Email marketing has an enormous return on advertisement spending that many other marketing avenues can’t boast, let alone even remotely reach. For example, let’s talk about the normal benchmark ratio for your ROAS, being a 4:1. Generally, for every $1 you spend on advertising, you want to get at least a $4 return on sales. This is a solid amount being put back into your business, but it would be a gross return, so it’s before any fees/costs/salaries you will be paying to get there. The higher the gross the better the net, always. With this line of thinking, why settle for a piddly 4:1 ratio when email marketing can offer you so much more? Let’s try setting that baseline return bar a bit higher!

With email marketing, the ROAS skyrockets in comparison to the average benchmark that many other avenues of marketing can only hope to achieve. Don’t stoop to normal profits and conversions that will cause you to remain on the same level as your competition – breakthrough that income ceiling and shoot for the stars with those marketing goals of yours, especially when they are so easily within reach! With email marketing the common return on spending is hitting anywhere from a whopping 10:1 all the way up to a staggering 42:1! Companies who are successfully utilizing email marketing are commonly seeing anywhere from $10-$42 returns for each $1 spent on their marketing. Talk about one hell of an investment! While email marketing is a great step forward for any business’s profits, it can do so much more than just drive your sales projections up.

Emails are for more than just coupons, people! Thanks to the modern wonders of automation programs, you can also build relationships and customer loyalty regularly by including your business in your subscribers’ inboxes. Give a personalized greeting to a new follower, send a thank you note for a recent purchase someone made, or send a celebratory note for an upcoming holiday or life event. By programming your emails to automatically send when certain actions occur on your website or within your system, you can show those who support and follow your company how much they mean to you. Actions are greater than words to your customers, and by adding this extra element to your business you can show that you care that they are there. By adding automation to your planned emails and newsletters, you can build more than just savings opportunities for your customers, you can grow an extremely positive relationship with them.

So happy birthday, *INSERT NAME*! Enjoy a 10% discount or a free drink on us for being so awesome! 😉

Not only will these automated emails add a significant thread of personalization and relationship-building to your business’s engagement with your subscribers, but it will also keep them actively visiting you and your products/services! Use automation as a means of casting a line back out to those stranded on disengagement island by programming emails to fire off when certain actions happen (or don’t happen!) from subscribers! Set up an email campaign that sends if a customer leaves item(s) in their online shopping cart, or a campaign that sends out a quick hello if a subscriber hasn’t engaged with your website in a while. Keep them up to date with automatic order/shipping notifications that go out when a purchase is made, or a note that gets sent if an item/service is available again (or new!) Think about what emails you appreciate getting from companies that you care about and realize that you have subscribers that would feel the same if they got it from you! Now all you have to do is just decide how they fit into your overall marketing and conversion plan to get your lost followers coming back to you!

Now that we have your subscribers feeling all warm and fuzzy, we can start reaching out to them through email marketing and newsletters in the best way possible, and what better way than on your own terms! While investing in your social media profiles is great for organic engagement, spreading awareness for your brand and promotions, and building brand loyalty, it forces you to always jump through someone else’s hoops to do it. You must abide by the rules of whatever platform you’re using in order to play on their site, and that can feel like bending over backward at times. Between keeping up with the policy changes and following the updates and trends with the algorithm, trying to keep your content in front of your followers on social media can be a daily battle that always feels like a loss. And let’s not even mention what happens if a site goes down for a day!

But guess what doesn’t force you to do any of that? Guess what allows you to send what you want directly to who you want when you want? Email marketing and newsletters! Setting up your email marketing campaign is like creating your own platform that you always have complete control of and will always know how it will go and who to. Stop worrying about jumping through all the social media hoops without a guarantee of your followers even seeing what you post. Reach all your subscribers every time and guarantee their engagement at that!

Once you start getting people fully engaged, you can start truly reeling them into your amazing business’s culture and product/service offerings. While other forms of marketing are great for driving traffic directly to your website or business, they don’t always allow you to provide most of the information that your customers need to know about who you are and what you are offering them in order to make a confident purchase. As a result, many people will get to your website and not always immediately commit to making a purchase. Email marketing provides the missing pieces to this puzzle. Through it, subscribers have the opportunity to organically learn more about your amazing company, the wonderful people that create it, the fantastic product/service you provide, and why it’s all worth supporting. Email marketing lets your target audience know more about your product and business in the comfort and convenience of their inbox so that by the time they make it to your website they don’t have to go digging for information for them to confidently make a purchase. Use your marketing campaign to inform your people and drive them to your business as confident and informed buyers who know exactly what they want, what they are getting, and how happy they will be to have your product/service.

If we haven’t convinced you by now that email marketing and newsletters are going to be the MVP of your 2022 marketing strategy and plan, then you may need to start playing the marketing game a bit better! Including email marketing and newsletters in your digital marketing is a fantastic way to start boosting your business by a variety of factors. Not only is it extremely cost-effective (more so than many would initially believe!), but it also gives you a chance to extend a friendly hand out to your customers on your terms. No having to worry about algorithm changes that suddenly drop your content integration or visibility, and no sudden changes in user policy or rules either! Whatever you say goes…quite literally straight to their inbox! Not to mention all the customizable experience it can provide your subscribers and the guaranteed connection it can help you build with them through automated hellos and thank you’s. When including email marketing as a piece of your overall business marketing strategy, you know you are in for a win.

Let us help you start your 2022 email marketing or newsletter campaign out right! Our team of professional content creators and marketers will help you hit the mark for your business’s new year’s goals. Contact us today to get your ball rolling!