Culture Over Profit

The culture we have build at our company is, and will continue to be of the utmost importance to us. We have built a team that is honest and truthful while staying respectful. We work hard while also having fun, are systematic and spontaneous, wild and reserved, all at the same time.

We will always put the wellbeing and culture of our team as priority over profit.

Our creative team goofing off on the couch
Our creative team out for lunch
Our company Christmas party 2022.
Owners Tommy and Angela Szymanski.
Owner Tommy networking with friend.
Designer Emma, taking product photos for website and social media marketing.
Most of the marketing team working on a marketing plan at the conference table.
Amy manning our marketing booth at a local event.
Emma and Alicia accidentally twinning it up one day.
Our team having a fun day out.

Meet our team

We’re a dedicated group of marketers, designers, strategist, and creatives. We have strategically built our team to have diverse skillsets. We take the time to get to know each team members personality, strengths and weaknesses, tendencies, and all the factors that makes them who they are.
This allows us to ensure that the right person is assigned to each task and in the end produce the highest-quality marketing efforts for our amazing customers.

Tommy Szymanski

Owner / General Manager

Tommy loves business, like seriously, he will talk to anyone and everyone about their business, his business, other people's businesses... you get the picture. Tommy has almost 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business management, which is why it's so easy for him to talk business no matter what that business is. In those brief moments when he's not working, he's probably out working on his property, traveling with his family, hunting, golfing, or enjoying a nice whiskey with friends; but, he's always right back talking about business as quickly as he can.

Angela Szymanski


With a master's degree in education, Angela's passion for writing and art is the original inspiration behind starting Manski Media. She put years of 50+ hour weeks into managing the creative department and team while also creating large volumes of content for customers. She now plays a support and mentoring role in the company while also being a full-time home school mom for 3 of her 5 kids. Not only that, she is also attending seminary school with the intent of becoming a women's pastor. Her happy place is with her family, anywhere warm, near the water, with bonus points for it being the ocean!

Amy Scheid

Project Manager

While Amy has a BFA in Illustration and Design, she credits much of her design skills development to working with Manski Media and as a freelance/in-house designer for 3 years prior. She is definitely one of the loudest people on the team, and you will likely see her at community and networking events harassing passersby to offer them a great new opportunity for marketing. Like most people, she loves long walks on the beach and a good margarita, but spends most of her free time with friends/family, creating art, playing video games, gardening, and catching her chickens when they escape from the coop (this happens more often than you may think).

Sarah Gerard

Creative Director

Sarah grew up on the east coast and studied Strategic Communication and Graphic Design at Liberty University before she found her way to Oregon. She brings a diverse work experience, having worked for the Department of Defense, in the music industry, and now at our digital marketing agency. When she unplugs from the digital world, she loves to go hiking, write poetry at the local coffee shops, and make her own peanut butter. When she’s not exploring the beautiful town of Bend, she’s likely catching a flight and traveling the world. She’s been to over 16 countries, having lived in 3 European countries throughout her life.

Emma Roberts


Meet Emma, one of the OG members of our content creation team. Emma studied Cultural Anthropology in her hometown at the University of Oregon before shifting gears and heading down to Austin, Texas. She's dabbled in many things throughout her career including customer service, work in nonprofits, and creative freelance projects. Being back in Oregon has let her love of nature shine and when she's not outdoors exploring, she's indoors indulging in all the awesome food, drink, and entertainment that Bend has to offer!

Alicia King


Alicia King grew up in Bend and graduated from Oregon State University - Cascades. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Studio Art studying everything from drawing and painting to photography and sculpture. She poured all her hands-on experience into graphic design and credits her creative eye to the time she spent working in all different types of media. Outside of the office, you can find her enjoying a good cup of coffee, trying new recipes in the kitchen, seeing her favorite bands in concert, and exploring the outdoors with her husband and their dog.

Karina Risinger


Karina, born and raised in México, relocated to Oregon in 2021. She is one of the newest members of our content creation team. In her hometown, she studied graphic design at Universidad De La Salle Bajo. Worked for two different design and marketing companies, and did freelance design work for multiple projects in different fields. In her spare time, She enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, creating art and digital Illustrations, learning a new language, and playing video games with her friends.

Our company’s values

Group photo of our team.
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‘“This is the first company I've worked at that doesn't advertise that they are like a family, and it's also the first company I've worked at that it actually IS like a family’’
Amy Scheid
Project Manager

We only sell what we believe in, and only to customers that we are confident they will work for.


Clear communication on what we're doing, how, why, and when are key to our success.


The digital marketing world is changing almost daily, as such we stay flexible and pivot quickly.


We push our creativity limits regularly and allow for bad ideas while finding good ones.

Employee Benefits

We’re always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. Get in touch for current openings.

Remote hybrid

We believe that there are benefits to both in-person and remote work environments. The flexibility of remote work is wonderful to help maintain a work-life balance and keep team members from burning out. The comradery, synergy, and collaboration that comes from in-person is not match remotely. This is why we have 2-3 days a week in office, and 2-3 are able to be worked remotely for most team members.

We have fun!

Life is too short to always be serious, as well as being serious doesn't always lend itself to fostering creativity. Sometimes you have to stop and just do things that make you smile and laugh to jumpstart creativity. Our team works smart, hard when needed, and makes sure to make time to stop and smell the flowers, food, drinks, etc.

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Full-time employees

Most marketing agencies use subcontractors or gig work for their team, by hiring individuals on a per project basis. Our team are all fulltime employees with a stable income, career and as such are invested in our company and our customers.

Goofy team photo.