We'll Do (Almost) Anything For You!

February 9, 2023

If it’s marketing...we can do it! Meet Manski Media, your digital marketing experts. We're your one-stop-shop for all things creative. Whether you need to maintain a social media presence, target consumers with digital ads, develop a new (or repair) your website and so much more, we’re here to help. In fact, that’s why we started the business, to help other business owners like YOU!

We understand that life is busy. Owning a business is a lot of work and you often have to wear multiple hats to make sure everything is getting done. Because of this, marketing can often be put on the back burner and neglected in the chaos of the hundreds of other things you need to focus on. That is exactly why we are happy to help you! We will take that extra task off your hands so that you can stay focused on your people. You will have more time to take care of your employees and ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied as well. While you continue to work hard as the face of the brand, our team will be working diligently behind the screen to make sure that your digital presence is active and captivating to your audience. We’ll also be sure to get to know you well so that we can reflect your brand and capture your voice in a way that even you will think you wrote it!

And while we spend a lot of time in the digital world, we also care deeply about real human connection. We prioritize getting to know each one of our clients and their business. Not only do we want to connect with you, but we also want you to connect with us! We believe that it’s important that you know and trust the people that are partnering with you to help your business grow. Really, we can do anything you need when it comes to marketing and advertising. So, without further adieu...meet your Manski Media marketing team.

Tommy Syzmanski – Owner / General Manager
As the owner of Manski Media, Tommy can do it all! He’s intelligent, experienced, and genuinely cares about your business. He can talk about business for hours. Whether it’s your business, his business, or someone else’s business, his brain is able to come up with new and creative strategies quickly. He comes up with incredible marketing ideas and really, he can do anything for you...but if it means that he’ll get swarmed with flies, it might be a no-go from him.

Angela Syzmanski – Co-owner
When it comes to relationships, Angela’s your woman. Not only is she super passionate about being a light to others and finding ways to understand you on a deeper level, she’s also incredibly creative. There really isn’t much that Angela CAN’T do for you, unless it's medical-related. She can’t stand the possibility of being around vomit or germs.

Heather Collard – Sales Executive
If you need help with business development or someone to bounce ideas off of, reach out to Heather! With years of experience in the business world, she is super passionate about helping brands grow and thrive. She also cares deeply about people and is a great person to call, except if it requires her to get in a submarine. She is way to claustrophobic to join you on that journey.

Amy Schied – Project Manager
If it has to do with programming and keeping things on task, Amy’s your go-to! She’s a determined go-getter and strives to do everything possible to get things done and keep them organized. She’s also a great person to problem solve with. Seriously she can do anything for you, except...accompany you on a drop ride. That just feels like a death sentence to her.

Sarah Gerard – Creative Director
Whether you need to bounce creative strategies around, need something edited, or want a beautiful design - Sarah’s there to help! She’s detail-oriented and loves catching grammar mistakes. She’s also a talented designer and is really a great person for anything you need, except maybe...swimming with sharks. She just can’t help you with that.

Emma Roberts – Designer
If you need a fresh perspective, a beautiful design, copy that sounds exactly like you, or someone to make you laugh, reach out to Emma! She’s a great person to connect with and will strive to reflect your goals through the designs she creates. She’s also a ton of fun, so really, you'll want her to do anything...but don’t count on her to go skydiving with you. She is not a fan of heights!

Alicia King – Designer
If your business needs a stellar web design, Alicia’s the one to call! She has an incredible eye for design and is able to create a great landing page for your business. She wears a few hats in our office as she is also a content creator and copywriter for us! So really, she can do anything you need...but if it involves heights, count her out. Sorry, but she won’t be joining you on your next skydiving or bungee-jumping adventure. Her and Emma will be waiting for you at the bottom!

Karina Risinger – Designer
Karina is a great person to call when you need an out-of-the-box design, creative illustration, or someone to practice Spanish with. She’s a hard-worker and loves to learn new things. She can help you with anything...unless it requires her to be near fireworks. She’s not willing to risk her life for fire.

Carol Bunker – Designer
If you want a one-of-a-kind design, extra creative boost, or ray of positivity, you’ll definitely want to reach out to Carol! She’s the latest addition to our team, but she is still eager to help you with any of your needs! She can do it all...except if it requires you to use stickers. That's a permanent decision that Carol just doesn't want to be a part of.

We’re a dedicated group of marketers, designers, strategists, and creatives. We have strategically built our team to have diverse skillsets. We take the time to get to know each team member’s personality, strengths and weaknesses, tendencies, and all the factors that makes them who they are. This allows us to ensure that the right person is assigned to each task and in the end produce the highest-quality marketing efforts for our amazing customers.

Our dedicated team is available to help you. If you haven’t scheduled a free consultation yet, what are you waiting for? We’re excited to meet you and learn what you are passionate about!  

Reach out today to get started!

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