Your past marketing efforts may not cut it in the coming year.

Your past marketing efforts may not cut it in the coming year.

2022 is just around the corner, reminding us small business owners to take a look at our current and future marketing plans. There’s nothing more stressful and demanding than having to pause mid-year to reinvent your strategy. Sure, things come up and we all know they will, but more organization leads to more opportunities for success and growth.

While we wrap up the last month of the year, it’s time to think about what’s working, what isn’t, and what goals you have for the future of your business. Keeping the big picture in mind enables you to build your desired reputation, target specific audiences, and create appropriate modes of communication in your short-term plans. Always be prepared!

Expect the realm of marketing and business to continue to change and broaden, fast and frequently, especially in the upcoming year. With technology booming, we will see new methods of branding, digital, and advertising as well as a natural pushback to bring back a more personal, humanistic approach to marketing. Customer experience is of utmost importance and with so many forms of reaching your customers, it’s critical to consistently create an experience that captures their attention and keeps them coming back to interact with your brand.

As experts in digital marketing, we’ve mastered the ability to foster relationships, helping businesses interact with their following and engage potential customers. Take social media, for example. Next year (2022) is predicted to shift towards more paid advertisements, short and long-form video, online communities, and the ability to directly purchase your products on social media channels. As these are expected to trend, small businesses are expected to keep up with bigger competitors. This is where your strategy comes in.

So, what exactly makes up your marketing strategy? Simply put, it’s a detailed plan of the actions you aim to take to sell your product or promote and advertise your business. This also will include measurable data or analytics. Having clear company objectives, budgeting, knowing your target audience, choosing digital channels, and establishing a timeline will all play a role in your new or continued strategy.

Start by reviewing 2021. Take a look at this past year’s plans and notice what did your business well, what needed improvement, and what goals remain. Reviewing previous strategies allows you to allocate funds and resources to the most effective means of marketing and reach out for help when needed.

Define your audience. You may already know your audience and their needs but re-evaluating data and adding new targets can help you grow. Review your customer’s journey and track where you’re getting the most traction. If you want to explore new channels, do so tactfully.

Get an outside perspective. It’s extremely difficult to have an unbiased, objective view of how things are going or what you’re doing when it’s something you live every day. Having a 3rd party (such as us at Manski Media) review your past marketing efforts may help see things from your customers’ point of view, which is the only point of view that really matters since they’re the ones that you need to appeal to.

Set specific and measurable goals. Use specific metrics and detailed goals to keep your company and team on track. This means numbers vs. general hopes of success.

Mix up marketing methods. There are so many ways to reach your customers. Consider organic or paid social media, SEO, Google ads, video or email marketing. Trying various tactics allows you to explore what works and what doesn’t.

Budget. Decide what methods are worth more of your financial investment. Know where you’re spending and don’t forget to look at the big picture as well as each channel’s allotment. You also don’t want to limit a particular ad channel if it has a trackable return that is netting profit. For example, if you have a social media ad that is generating $400 for every $100 spent, and you run a 50% profit margin, you’re netting $100 pure profit for every $100 you spend. Why then wouldn’t you spend $200 and see if that math holds true? Continue increasing your ad spend budget until you find the point of diminishing return, otherwise you’re losing money by not spending more.

Organize your plan. Take your notes, goals, and existing data to properly document your 2022 marketing strategy. Having it all on paper (and electronically) promotes you and your team’s responsibility and commitment to your brand. From this you can create a proper workflow of roles and responsibilities, along with actionable items for your team to take.

The past few years have greatly opened our eyes to the sporadic nature of change. It’s okay to review your marketing strategy as the times fluctuate, just make sure your business has its backbone and vision!

Working with our marketing firm helps gear you towards the most effective way to advertise your business. We take the time to understand the ins and outs of your company, industry, goals, brand, personality, and more and we take the time to right-fit your business with the optimal plan for your social media marketing and overall digital marketing needs.

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