Do your past customers still talk about you?

January 25, 2023

Recently I was in a conversation with a client who was expressing the frustration of not getting repeat business from his clients that he had done an amazing job for in the past. This particular client of ours is a real estate agent who helped someone buy a house. It was a difficult situation that required a lot of work to make it happen, but the agent went above and beyond to make this transaction happen for the buyer, who left the deal ecstatic and appreciative.

Two years later, the agent drove past the house and saw a for sale sign of a different realtor in the front yard. The agent couldn't understand why he wasn't contacted after all the work he did getting this client the house in the first place.

My question to him was, "What have you done in the past two years to keep that connection and feeling of appreciation alive?".

Business relationships are no different than any other kind of relationship. They take work to keep them thriving. You have to keep in contact, otherwise you drift apart. Sometimes the relationships seem one-sided until the other needs you for something. To expect someone to stay appreciative for years without any meaningful contact to keep that connection healthy is asinine.

This is where social media can bridge that relationship gap that is so difficult, and realistically, not able to be properly maintained any other way. This is what is known as "content marketing."

Content marketing is not a one-time advertisement. Content marketing means that you are adding value to your consumers. Content marketing means that you are intentional with what you share and how you share it. Content marketing attracts your target audience and creates community. It exhorts others, provides a platform for others to discuss and reminisce about previous interactions and events. In other words, it keeps the relationship alive!

So again I will ask:
Do your past clients still talk about you?

We're not a campaign advertisement company. We're a relationship-building, value-adding, consistent marketing, strategic content-creation, social media management company. If you know that you need to be on social media but don't have time, don't know how to keep up with the trends, or just flat-out don't like it, set up a consultation with us. It's free, so what do you have to lose?

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